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Michael Gray and Re-Tide play Traxsource ADE party 2019

16th December 2019
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The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is both a music conference and festival and is widely recognized as the global meeting point for the creative industry around electronic music. ADE consists of a daytime conference & festival and nighttime festival program, with a total of more than 1000 events in nearly 200 locations. Which basically means that the city of Amsterdam breathes electronic music for five days and nights.

Traxsource was born at the start of the digital revolution. Starting out as an Independent Record Label and trying to navigate their way through the disruption caused by the internet. Always sticking firmly to their original ethos which was built upon the reputation of their label – Soulfuric Recordings.


DJs themselves, they built one of the first online music stores for their friends who were also DJs, resulting in a download site with the heart of an independent label staying true to their beliefs but keeping up with the ever changing digital world of music.
Since its birth in October 2004, Traxsource has secured a place in the hearts and minds of so many DJs around the world. They are ambassadors for the true underground movement that is House Music, driven by their own unique and authentic musical point of view.

Traxsource’s mission has always been to provide a home for creative artists and labels to flourish. They stand by the artists and labels they serve as they genuinely understand what it takes to survive in today’s industry.
In 2019, 15 years later, they continue to forge ahead with beloved lifelong customers, new-found friends and have a global fanbase. Traxsource not only feature high profile A list artists, they have a lot of time and respect for new breakthrough and bedroom artists, uncovering emerging talent who will become tomorrow’s stars.

Traxsource have just released their end of year 2019 Best Nu-Disco Artists, congratulations to everyone that made this coveted chart. Re-Tide #3 and Michael #14! Bravo!!

Traxsource is the home of Real House Music! This phrase has never been more relevant than in today’s over-saturated post EDM market. With electronic music continuing to take a central stage with widespread global attention, the necessity to champion ‘quality over quantity’ and ‘artistry over hype’ is even more real to them than ever before. Traxsource continue to uphold the soul of the scene and defy the faceless and commercial enterprises so prevalent today. For them, it’s always about integrity and keeping it fiercely independent. Not everybody understands House Music… but Traxsource most definitely do.

Traxsource have just recently celebrated their 15th anniversary and wow, what an incredible brand and ethos they have built during this time. Downtown Disco have the utmost respect for their Brand and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their support with our own Downtown Disco Brand and also wish them a fantastic ‘Happy Birthday’! Thank You Brian Tappert for sending us this amazing video footage showcasing their incredible achievements throughout their 15 year journey.

In October 2019, Traxsource invited 2 of Downtown Disco Agency Artists – Michael Gray and Re-Tide – to DJ at their ADE Meet and Greet in Amsterdam. What an incredible choice of Artists guys – we salute you!

We caught up with Dan Klokow of Traxsource and asked him his thoughts about ADE. For Dan, “This is the most looked forward to Meet & Greet event at ADE for networking and rubbing shoulders with all the biggest artists in our scene.”


Michael, from London, is one of the most respected and in-demand artists currently on the global dance music scene for his House and Disco productions, his awesome DJ sets and also for producing some major tracks and remixes as both Michael Gray and also as Full Intention (Michael Gray and Jon Pearn). He has DJ’d all over the world from MOS in London to Hi (for Glitterbox) & Pacha in Ibiza as well as gigging as far wide as in Poland, Germany, The Philippines, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Georgia, Spain and The Netherlands. Michael’s real passion is Disco and he hopes to continue his successful career playing Nu-Disco sets as Michael Gray in 2019 continue to produce more killer disco tracks and remixes as well as continue his DJing career playing this cool genre of sound.

Michael Gray has produced so many smash tracks already this year, his releases 24/7 People and ‘Take Me to the Top’ went straight n to Number 1 at Traxsource, his Remix of Sylvester’s “You make me feel” ( on Sultra Records) ” took the Number 1 spot in Traxsource Main Chart for over 3 weeks. An absolute monster track which packs some serious punch on the dance floor. Michael’s recent releases ‘Take Me Back ‘and remixes such as Mahogany – ‘Ride on the Rhythm’ (For West End Records) and Dr Packer’s remix of ‘Borderline’ are all absolutely huge hits making Michael one of the most in demand Nu-Disco Artists on the scene right now.
Michael has now his own monthly radio show on Mi-Soul Radio.

We spoke to Michael about his time at ADE 2019, here is what he had to say...

DD: How did it feel to be asked by the mighty Traxsource to be invited to play for their Meet and Greet at ADE 2019?

MG: I was really honoured and never expected it.

DD: You must have met some super cool people at ADE, who did you get to meet & hang out with?

MG: ADE is a great place to meet up with old friends and be introduced to new DJs and Producers too. It was great to see Brian Tappert, Opolopo, Todd Terry, Seamus Haji, Mark Knight and my good Dutch friends Altra Moda who look after my label and Back Catalogue. It was a full on 2 days!

DD: Traxsource must think you are hot artists to ask you to play. You have definitely had a fantastic year in 2019! Can you tell us more about the highlights of your year?

MG: Remixing one of my favourite disco tracks Sylvester’s ‘You make me feel’ and watching it get played by many top DJs that I look up to was a real buzz. DJing for Downtown Disco with Dr Packer in Leeds this summer and playing at Brighter Days in Cambridge were very special events for me too. Also, this December, I was invited by Glitterbox to play at Ministry of Sound, DJing alongside Seamus Haji, Melvo Baptiste, Yuksek, Horse Meat Disco and Qwestlife.

DD: What can we expect for 2020?

MG: My remix of ‘Runaway Love’ is due for release on the incredible Soulfuric Records label plus new mixes of ‘The Weekend’ are due out in the spring, I am also working on more new releases on my own ‘Sultra Label’ I am looking forward to more opportunities to play at the Downtown Disco Events next year. I am now also hosting my own monthly Saturday show which will go out on both Mi-Soul and Mi-House Radio.


Re-Tide are based in Rome and have been prolific producers of Nu-Disco which have featured heavily in Traxsource charts as well as being solid favourites in many Top DJs playlists.  They are a joint venture made up of 3 very talented artists – Patrizio Mattei, Danny Omich and Andrea Prezioso. Re-Tide host a weekly show every Saturday on Capital Radio boasting a huge 1.5 million daily listeners. Their ‘Capital Party’ show also features incredible special guest DJs and Artists including Dmitri from Paris, Joey Negro, Mousse T, Dr Packer to name just a few.They set up Metropolitan Records in 2010, and added a second record label – Cut Rec – which specifically focuses on Nu-Disco tracks. The Cut Rec label has also hand-picked some of the finest artists from both the Italian and international music scenes to deliver the best Nu-Disco releases out there.

Ranked no.2 in the Traxsource Top Nu – Disco Artists of 2018, Re-Tide continue to dominate the Traxsource charts with multiple tracks released on a weekly basis. In October 2019, Retide were asked to DJ for Traxsource ‘s ADE Meet and Greet party in Amsterdam.

We caught up with Re-Tide to find out about this incredible opportunity...

DD: Hi Pat, Danny and Andrea, How did it feel to be asked to be playing at their ADE party?

RT: We are so happy to have been chosen by Traxsource to play. Wow what an honour to be asked.

DD: 2018 was a fantastic year for you, being ranked #2 in the Traxsource Artists of the 2018 charts, how has it been going for you Guys in 2019?

RT: Many of our tracks in 2019 have been huge hits on Traxsource, for example “People Everywhere” on Soulfuric Records with Moon Rocket reached #1 in Traxsource Soulful House, chart and our ‘Mysteries of the World’ also reached the #1 position in the soul / funk /disco Traxsource chart.

DD: What can we expect from you guys for 2020?

RT: We are now working on some hot new covers for 2020 and also for an album that we will be releasing next year.

Awesome Downtown Disco Agency Music

An Interview with the legendary Seamus Haji.

20th November 2018
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The Downtown Disco Agency has launched and we are privileged to announce that Seamus Haji has joined our Artist Roster.

We love the tracks that Seamus has been producing and re-editing. Seamus’ tracks have consistently stood out to us and we truly believe he is an absolute legend.

Tracks such as “Right Track”, “Confess”, “Giving You”, “Make Life Better”, “Hold it Now”, “Love the way you Move” (I-Jah) and “Play It” (The Montanas) are just a few of the productions that have absolutely blown us away.

We are super-excited to bring you this exclusive interview with our amazing Downtown Disco Agency Artist, Seamus Haji. He has accomplished so much in his career, his discography is phenomenal. Read on to learn more about our exceptional DJ / Artist…

How long have you been DJing? What inspired you to dj?

Started DJ’ing aged 16 in the mid 80’s so over 30 years. I was inspired to DJ by the likes of Grandmaster Flash & Tony Humphries. The art of mixing & scratching had me hooked! This was before house music had hit the uk. Humphries was mixing boogie, soul, hip hop and electro on Kiss FM in NYC back then.

When did you start producing records?

1991 when I first bought equipment

What was your first track?

I got into doing official remixes for major labels by 1993 and released my first production in 1994. That was ‘Race Of Survival’. Tony Humphries & Paul “Trouble’ Anderson were the only DJs I gave acetates to and they hammered it. Dream come true!

Which is your favourite track you made?

Probably ‘Race Of Survival’ as it was my first and it was so popular. I just released a Richard Earnshaw ReVibe on my Soul Love imprint…can’t keep a good song down. Almost 25 years old!

How many tracks have you made?

80 productions and over 200 remixes

Who have you done re-edits for?

My re-edits have been for Midnight Riot and my Re-Loved & Big Love labels

Who are your favourite old skool disco bands/, artists?

Too many to mention. Earth, Wind & Fire, Roy Ayers, Brass Construction, Players Association…the list goes on.

Who are your current favourite DJs artists and producers?

For the disco / nu-disco sound I obviously love Dr Packer as he’s remixed a number of my own productions ‘Confess’, ‘Last A DJ Saved My Life’ and Belezamusica ‘Running Away’ for my labels and the guys signed to my Re-Loved imprint such as Birdee, Chewy Rubs, C. Da Afro, Soul Avengerz, peers such as Late Nite Tuff Guy, Michael Gray and of course Joey Negro and Dimitri From Paris. I also love bands such as Crazy P, Zo! and The Rebirth. 

Which artists are playing your tracks?

Dr Packer, Michael Gray, Dimitri From Paris, Hifi Sean, Horsemeat Disco, Joey Negro, Groove Aramada, Luke Soloman spring to mind.

Where in world have you DJ’d?

I’ve held residencies at Pacha in Ibiza and London. Toured heavily for Defected Records & Ministry Of Sound. All over!

What gigs have you enjoyed most and why?

Toronto Pride this Summer was amazing! The stage I played was actually called the Big Love stage after my label which I was headlining to around 5000 people. I have a lot of supporters there so playing the closing 3 hour set was a dream.

Sydney harbour NYE 2017 was ridiculous! Playing outside after the amazing fireworks display over Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge was crazy. That has to be THE best location I’ve ever played. It was myself, Freemasons and StoneBridge on the bill so it was great to also spend NYE with good friends.

Can you describe your sound?

Depending on the situation I like to play the re-edits stuff, to Nu-Disco and some disco house stuff. if the crowd are really up for it I’ll drop disco classics as well.

Which Artists you have co-produced with?

More recently ATFC, Sammy Deuce and Chewy Rubs.

Which of your tracks have been most successful on beatport/ traxsource?

‘Confess’, ‘Right Track’, ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’, ‘Saw Your Face’, ‘What A Surprise’, ‘Disco Crown’ and ‘Celebrate Disco’ to name a few.

Have you had any industry recognition for your music? ie Top 10s in beatport etc.

On a bigger level my ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’ was #1 UK Dance Chart and Top 15 UK National Charts as well as my Bootyluv ‘Boogie 2 Nite’ Remix #2 UK National Charts. That was over 10 years ago and more of an electronic house sound that I was pursuing. Over recent years I’ve gone back to my boogie & disco roots. I’m fortunate enough to have had and still have top 10s on the likes of Traxsource and Beatport.

What are your hopes for the future in terms of your DJing and musical production career.

Either throwing more of my own Big Love parties or playing at the right clubs to the right people. I’ve hosted a number of Big Love parties in Brighton and now that I’ve moved back to London I’m throwing some here too, most recently McQueen in Shoreditch. Production-wise I have a number of productions & remixes lined up for 2019.

Do you run any record labels / do radio shows etc?

The labels I’ve mentioned before of course…Big Love, Big Love Trax, Soul Love and Re-Loved. My weekly Big Love radio show has been running for 8 years now and is syndicated to almost 40 stations worldwide.

Do you have any other roles within the music industry?

I manage some DJ/Producers. Illyus & Barrientos from Glasgow and Siege from Belgium. I also do some artist development with Cafe Mambo legend Pete Gooding.